12 Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities


We all know that celebrities are working hard and making a lot of money along the way, but what about those superstars who are no longer with us? You guessed it – they are earning more money than all of us combined! Each year, Forbes magazine releases a report on the late stars who are still cashing in huge paychecks – and the number one spot on the list is very predictable, year after year. Here are 10 highest-earning dead celebrities.

Bruce Lee


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Earnings in 2015: $9 million

The famous Hong Kong American martial artist, action film actor and filmmaker died very young, at the age of 32, but he still managed to pave the way for Asian-Americans in the American pop culture during his life. Lee starred in ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘The Big Boss’ and ‘Fist of Fury’, among other movies, and he also worked as a martial arts instructor. He has received a number of posthumous awards, and after his death in 1973, he has become one of the top-earning dead celebrities, as his movies are still admired by many.

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