A Bride’s Family Turned Her Reception Into A Feast For The Homeless After The Wedding Was Cancelled

Making the most out of a heart-breaking situation.

Quinn Duane – Kari Duane’s oldest daughter – was set to marry her fiancé, Landon Borup, on Saturday, but on Monday – just five days before the ceremony – she called her parents and told them the wedding was off. Borup had been having doubts and the couple decided to call it quits before their big day.


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Duane and her fiancé were set to wed in a lavish $35,000 ceremony at Sacramento’s luxurious Citizen Hotel, but the bride’s family chose not to cancel the venue and catering because they realized they had an opportunity to give back. Duane and her mother reached out to a couple of local homeless shelters, and more than 90 adults and children arrived at the Citizen Hotel on Saturday, where they were treated to a four-star feast.


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Some of the attendees, including Erika Craycraft, were moved by the family’s generosity. Craycraft said: “To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind.”


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The wedding flowers were also non-refundable, so the Duane family decided to donate them to a nursing home. And as for the couple’s planned honeymoon to Belize? The 27-year-old Quinn is turning it into a special trip for her and her mom.

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