A Couple Meets Their Adopted Daughter For The First Time – Heartwarming Photos

A couple from Minnesota had been trying for their third child, but after a couple of months, they turned to adoption. After a nearly year-long adoption process, Sarah and David Olson – who also have two biological sons – finally got the call on July 21.


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The Olsons flew from their home in Minnesota the next day to meet their newborn daughter, and their friend and a photographer, Kristen Prosser, traveled with them in order to document that special moment. Tilly Pearl Olson – the couple’s new baby girl – was a ‘stork drop’, which is a situation when a couple takes a baby on a moment’s notice.


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David, 38, and Sarah, 31, flew out to Tallahassee at 5 am and were united with baby Tilly that same day. The couple had always wanted three children, and they made their family complete with Tilly, who was born on July 18, 2015.


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Prosser captured the amazing moment in the couple’s lives and said that she had always wanted to photograph the first meeting of an adopted baby. She wrote on Facebook: “I got to be a part of this incredible moment with one of my best friends! I was so privileged to watch this all unfold. What a perfect example of unconditional and sacrificial love.”


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After four potential matches that ended in disappointment, the Olsons finally got the news they had desperately been waiting for. Their consultant, Katie, called them and said, “Are you ready for a miracle? If you say yes to this situation, the baby is yours!”.

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