A Dad Creates The Most Amazing School Lunches For His Children

Beau Coffron – from San Francisco, California – is a father of three who creates the most amazing and artistic bento lunches for his children. Coffron has a full-time writing job, but still manages to find the time to make some of the coolest lunchbox masterpieces we’ve ever seen.


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Even though he has no art background, the Bay Area dad was inspired to start making these incredible lunches two years ago, when his daughter Abigail started kindergarten. Coffron explains that he saw some online moms making fun lunches, and he wanted to do the same for his children.


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His lack of experience didn’t stop him though, and the busy dad now makes the creative and beautiful lunches for his kids every Sunday night. Coffron says that he doesn’t make the lunches every day because he wants them to be a special and unexpected thing for the kids. In addition to that, he says he just doesn’t have the time or energy to do it every day.

The dad of three’s lunches are inspired by what his kids are reading or watching at that particular moment. Coffron is very much aware that these unusual and complex lunches aren’t for everyone, but he is more than happy to spend his time making them.


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And for those parents who are interested in doing something similar for their little ones, Coffron shares how-to’s for each lunch he makes on his blog, Lunchbox Dad.


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