A Woman Passes Out On The Street While Wearing Skinny Jeans

What not to wear.

A big warning has been issued to all denim lovers out there by a neurology expert, after a woman wearing skinny jeans passed out on the side of the street. The latest issue of the Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry journal describes what a woman from Adelaide has been through.


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It has been reported that the 35-year-old woman lost all feeling in her legs due to skinny jeans she wore that day. She was trying to help a friend move, but after a few hours of squatting, her feet went numb and she fell over. Dr Kimber wrote: “As she was squatting for a long period of time her trousers restricted the blood supply to both calves, and in response the muscles start to undergo stress and swell.”


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The woman was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital, and because her legs were dangerously swollen, the doctors had to cut her jeans off. Dr Kimber said that his colleagues were shocked and surprised that a person could get such extreme nerve and muscle damage, and he explained that the skinny jeans she was wearing was the critical factor.


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Dr Kimber had a very important thing to say regarding people’s health and the skinny jeans trend: “The take home message is to avoid wearing skinny jeans if you intend to do a job with squatting or kneeling. If your legs begin to feel uncomfortable or tingle, you should stand up and get the blood circulating again.”

Sweats it is, then!

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