Apple Agrees To Pay Royalties During Free Trial Following Taylor Swift’s Public Complaint

When Taylor Swift speaks, Apple listens!

The American tech giant has announced that its new streaming service will pay royalties to musicians even during the free trial period. Eddy Cue – Apple’s Senior Vice President – has personally called the ‘Shake It Off’ singer to reveal the company’s decision.

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Apple has faced plenty of criticism from musicians – including Swift – lately, regarding concerns that the company would not pay artists any royalties during a three-month free trial period. However, Apple has had a change of heart on Sunday evening, when Cue announced on Twitter that the artists will be paid while the company’s customers get its upcoming Apple Music service for free.

It has been reported that the tech giant will pay an undisclosed royalty rate on a per stream basis to artists during the free three-month trial. Even though Apple’s Senior Vice President declined to reveal what the rate per stream will be, it is known that the company will pay music owners 71.5% of Apple Music’s subscription revenue in the US after the trial period. The number might fluctuate internationally, but it will be around 73%.


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In order to showcase her disagreement with Apple’s initial decision, Swift announced that she would not stream her latest album, ‘1989’, on the company’s new service. Following Apple’s change of plans, the ‘Blank Space’ singer tweeted that she was “elated and relieved”, though she has not yet agreed to be part of Apple Music.

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