Bride’s Sick Father Flies From Minnesota To Attend Her Wedding In California

Warning: tears ahead!

Alexandra Price was getting ready for her big day in Indio, California over the weekend, while her father, Andre Pearson, was staying at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

The doctors have told the bride-to-be that her beloved father was too sick to travel, so she had accepted that he won’t be able to attend her wedding.


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Andre Pearson – of Omaha, Nebraska – has been at the hospital since March, fighting for his life. Since both his heart and kidneys were failing, the doctors gave him a year to live because he was too sick for a heart transplant.

Even though Pearson’s condition began to improve after the surgery, he was still unable to travel to California to see his daughter getting married.


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The family had realized that Pearson would have to watch the ceremony online, but his doctors figured out a plan to get him to California.

Price got the surprise of a lifetime when she saw her dad entering the house in his wheelchair. Pearson told his daughter that he was ready to walk her down the aisle.


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On her wedding day, Price had her father right by her side and she couldn’t hold back the tears.

She said that her father’s presence made her “feel really happy and whole and complete”.


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Pearson’s doctors said that he could be a potential candidate for a heart transplant.

The clinic is hopeful that the bride’s father will be able to go home in a couple of months.

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