Chinese Couple Celebrate Their 64th Anniversary With A Stylish Photoshoot

Couple goals.

An elderly Chinese couple found the perfect way to celebrate their long-lasting love: with a stylish photoshoot, of course! For their 64th wedding anniversary, Wang Lijin – who hails from Handan in Hebei, China – and his wife, Huang Caozhen, decided to pose for fashionable photos, in which they showed off the types of fun activities they take part in during their retirement.

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The 95-year-old husband reportedly met his future wife in 1952, when he hired her to make him a suit and fell in love with her after. During a family event, Wang tearfully thanked his “wife, mother of their children and grandmother of their grandchildren” for all the years they have spent together.

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The happy Chinese couple’s love story was beautifully captured in an epic photoshoot, where the husband and wife were photographed going for walks, reading, drinking coffee, and playing table tennis, while dressed in their most stylish outfits. Naturally, their amazing photos went viral, and the duo have become overnight Internet sensations in China, and the rest of the world.

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In addition to that, it has been reported that the Chinese couple’s pictures have been placed on billboards belonging to shopping malls across 11 cities in Hebei province, including Shijiazhuang and Jiangjiakou. The divorce rates are increasing in the country, which is why Wang and Huang are being hailed as models for everlasting love.

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