Dog Runs Away From Home, Goes To His Favorite Doggy Daycare

A dog in North Carolina loves his doggy daycare so much, he decided to run away from home to get to it! Last week, Riley the golden retriever was riding in a car with his owner, Tonia Mosteller, and their trip took them right past the pup’s favorite place, Happy Dog Cafe Daycare in Belmont, North Carolina.


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Riley has been going to Happy Dog since he was a puppy, but on that particular day, he wasn’t supposed to go to daycare. Mosteller dropped her 5-year-old dog at home and left him in the sun on the porch. She said: “I noticed Riley watching me carefully as I left, but I didn’t think too much about it.”


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As soon as his owner left, the adorable dog made a run for it. Less than an hour later, Riley was sitting outside of his daycare: he had walked a mile to get to Happy Dog and see all of his friends. The staff contacted Mosteller and told her where Riley was, and they offered to let the pup stay at daycare for the rest of the day for free.

Mosteller said: “He’s my baby; I have a 17-year-old and a four-legged baby. He’s never done anything like this before — ever, ever, ever. It’s a true testimony of how much Riley loves Happy Dog and the staff there.”

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