Gorilla Jelani Likes Looking At People’s iPhone Photos

Got some new photos on your phone? Gorilla Jelani wants to see them!

Jelani – a silverback gorilla at Louisville Zoo, Kentucky – is a fan of modern technology, and a YouTube clip is here to prove it. In the video, a young man is sitting on the other side of the safety glass from the gorilla at Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo.


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He is holding his phone up against the window and is showing photos to Jelani, who is paying close attention to everything. The ape focuses on the man’s photographs, and then once it has seen the image it looks away, and waits patiently for the new one.

Grabs from YouTube video in which a boy shows a gorilla in a zoo pictures of other gorillas

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Paul Ross, a video editor, is the man behind the camera, and at one point, he asks the young man what he is showing the gorilla and he turns his phone – which shows a human posing with an ape – to the camera. Right after, he returns to showing some more photos to Jelani.


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Then, the man leans up against the glass wall and the gorilla does the same thing from the other side. Jelani wants to see more images, and the man continues scrolling through some new ones, occasionally tilting the phone so the gorilla can have a better look.

Since appearing online, the video has been viewed more than 500,000 times. Check it out here:

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