These Lipsticks Have Tiny Flowers In Them And They’re Simply Gorgeous

Goodbye, all other lipsticks, it was nice knowing you.

A beauty brand from China is taking the internet by storm, courtesy of its magical new product. Kailijumei – the online cosmetics distributor – has created our latest makeup obsession: color-changing lipsticks that feature real flowers and gold specks inside!

flower lipsticks

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In the tube, the jelly lipsticks appear to be clear, but change color as soon as they’re applied to your lips, depending on your temperature and body pH. Kailijumei offers three shades – Flame Red, Minutemaid, and Barbie Doll Powder – and the names refer to the flowers inside.


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In addition to the lipsticks, the company also offers a clear balm, and all products are made from natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, olive oil, and lavender oil. According to Kailijumei’s Instagram page, their lipsticks offer “a natural but glossy pink shine. This is a swatch but color changes depending on temperature of you. The more cold the lighter the pink.”

Kailijumei Lipsticks

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Unfortunately, all three of the colors are completely sold out, but a pre-order is available through Kailijumei’s China-based website. All lipsticks are priced at $30 each.

Happy shopping!

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