This Little Girl Was Surprised By Disney Princesses At Her Adoption Hearing

The most magical adoption.

A little girl from Grand Rapids, Michigan got her fairy-tale ending – courtesy of a parade of Disney princesses! Danielle Koning’s foster parents, Sarah and Jim Koning, recently went through a very long process of adopting the 5-year-old, so they wanted the final proceedings to be memorable.


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Last week, seven Disney princesses and Prince Charming gathered in a courtroom to support the princess-loving girl, as her adoption by the Koning family became final. Laura Mitchell – executive director for the Samaritas Foster Care Program – said: “It was a special situation that really snowballed out of a request form Danielle’s caseworker, who knew Danielle loved Cinderella so much.”


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She added: “One of other caseworkers kind of looks like Cinderella, so she said, ‘Would you mind going to the hearing and dressing as Cinderella?'” When several other colleagues found out about the plan, they decided to participate and dress up as Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, Ariel, Rapunzel…


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And even the judge, Patricia Gardner, played along, donning a Snow White costume under her robe to mark the joyous occasion. The Konings were beyond excited to be at the end of the “long road” to adoption, and the princesses made the day even more magical for Danielle.

The little girl’s mom, Sarah Koning, said: “It was something we had been waiting for a long time, so it was just an awesome day to begin with, but it made it extra special. Having the princesses there made it even more memorable for her and something she can hold with her for the rest of her life, and know that we love her and she’s in the right place.”


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During the final hearing, the princesses wished Danielle all the happiness in the world with her new forever family, and the judge even let her rap the gavel herself to order the adoption finalized.

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