London Restaurant Now Serves A ‘Stranger Things’-Themed Menu

Eggos, anyone?

We’ve all seen ‘Stranger Things’, we fell in love with it and now what? Sure, Netflix’s hit summer series won’t be back until 2017, but that doesn’t mean we can’t escape into the Duffer brothers’ creation while we wait for season 2.

stranger things

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During the month of October, a restaurant chain in London called Lucky Chip will be serving up a ‘Stranger Things’-themed menu, and they’re going all out. At two locations – Dalston and Camden – fans of Eleven, Dustin and Barb will be able to taste everything, even the Demogorgon (Burger, of course)!

Stranger Things

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Here is the full – and delicious-looking – menu:

  1. Demogorgon Burger  – demi gorgonzola-filled beef patty, cheddar, candied bacon, pickled onions, and mac sauce
  2. Eggos Waffle Burger – waffles, aged beef patty, American cheese, peanut butter and jelly with a hint of chilli
  3. The Monster Dog – jumbo beef dog with relish, Johnny’s mustard, ketchup, and grilled onions
  4. Stranger Wings – hot wings with blue cheese dressing
  5. Hawkins High Snack Box – chicken nuggets, French fries, coleslaw, and chicken gravy
  6. The Ryder Vegetarian Burger – roasted beetroots and peppers, sweet potato, cheddar, mayo, and ginger sweet chili
  7. 11 Onion Rings – eleven beetroot infused onion rings with ghost chili mayo
Stranger Things

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The reviews are in already, and customers seem to be very impressed:

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