McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Launches Today, Possibly Without Hash Browns

Why, McDonald’s, whyyyyy?!

The highly-anticipated McDonald’s all-day breakfast is set to launch today, and unfortunately, we already have some bad news for you. Even though we knew we would be getting a trimmed-down version of the regular breakfast menu after 10:30 am, as it turns out, some restaurants will not be offering hash browns.


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It has been reported that depending on the setup of their kitchens, certain restaurants will not be able to offer the beloved and delicious crispy goodness, which means that fast food lovers might end up getting fries with their Egg McMuffin. And as expected, people are not happy about it:


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Richard Adams – who is a former McDonald’s franchisee – explained that hash browns are prepared in the same fry vats as french fries, so some restaurants will have to remain fry-only once breakfast hours are over. On the other hand, Lisa McComb – a McDonald’s spokesperson – said that if a restaurant is not able to offer hash browns at the moment, it doesn’t mean they may never offer them.


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She added that the problem is a “restaurant configuration issue”, and the company is working on another solution in the future. In the meantime, some regions are ready to offer the so-called “McMuffin Menu”, while others will serve the “Biscuit Menu”, and both carry a disclaimer that breakfast items will vary by location.

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