Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Are Having A Twitter Feud Over The VMAs

‘Bad Blood’, part two?


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The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations have been announced two days ago, and Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to express her frustration and disappointment over the fact that ‘Anaconda’ wasn’t up for Best Choreography and Video of the Year.

The famous rapper’s record-breaking video was nominated in just two categories: the Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video. Minaj felt like her clip was left out, and she went on to mention its status as a meme. While the 32-year-old artist was explaining what kinds of bodies and music videos are thought to be “award-worthy”, she tweeted this:

Taylor Swift – whose video for ‘Bad Blood’ is up for the top award – took Minaj’s tweet personally and decided to respond: However, the ‘Feeling Myself’ rapper said she wasn’t referring to the pop superstar at all: Swift tried to make things better with the following tweet: But Minaj still ended up retweeting this:

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