NYPD Officer Got Down At A Pride Parade And The Internet Loves Him For It

New York’s finest indeed!

NYPD was out in full force on Sunday, June 28, during New York’s pride parade. The police did their best to keep everyone safe, but one officer went a step further and made sure people were entertained as well.


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In a video posted by Paige Ponzeka on YouTube, an NYPD officer can be seen showing off his impressive dance moves. Ponzeka – who is a member of the LGBT sports group Big Apple Softball League – was marching through Lower Manhattan with her teammates, when Aaron Santis – one of her fellow players – invited a police officer to dance with him.

Ponzeka said that the cop was standing all stoic until Santis started dancing and grinding up against him. Even though he tried to stay still, the police officer let it go and broke into dance, and the crowd absolutely loved it!


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After showing off their ‘Magic Mike’ moves, Santis planted a kiss – and a sticker – on the officer, and said that he was the only cop who wanted to dance with him that day.

Check out the video here!

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