Teen’s Hilarious Reactions To Wild Animals In Class Will Make Your Day

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One high school student could barely keep his composure as he watched different wild animals on display during science class. And the internet will love him forever because of it.

wild animals

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Jalen Brooks and Jill Lojas are both seniors at Riverside Brookfield High School in Riverside, Illinois. Earlier this month, Lojas was trying to take a picture of a bird during a wild animal presentation in her zoology class, when she noticed something far more interesting.

Brooks, 17, looked amazed by the animal, and his classmate couldn’t help but record the whole thing. Lojas says: “It was the one class where we were allowed to take our phone out and take pictures, and I was trying to take a picture of the black duck, and I saw Jalen’s face over the duck, and I just zoomed in and started filming.”

The 18-year-old adds: “He’s a very animated guy. He’s just hilarious.” Lojas captured all of Brooks’ hilarious reactions and posted the video on Twitter. The clip has been retweeted more than 140,000 times and garnered over 248,000 likes since December 9.

wild animals

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Also, she demanded that Twitter turn Brooks’ charming reaction into a meme, and she got her wish:

When asked about his newfound fame, Brooks says: “I had no idea what to think when it went viral to be honest. I saw it on all corners of the internet and it just made me happy knowing I was bringing joy to other people. It gave the community something to be excited about and that’s something I could say I’m very proud of personally.”

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