These Triplets Love Greeting Their Local Garbage Men And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Meet Heaton, Wilder and Holden, the triplets from Florida who love greeting their local garbage men.

Every Tuesday and Friday – also known as ‘Garb Days’ – the adorable 2-year-olds wait excitedly for their friends to arrive. Their mom, Martha Sugalski, said: “Around the time we think they’re coming, we hang out on the driveway. They get so excited that they jump up and down.”


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According to Sugalski – who works as a WFTV anchor in Orlando – it all started in the months after the triplets were born. She explained: “Every day, we would stroller up and down the streets. Every week, we’d see the truck, and they’d wave and honk. After a while, they got out and started talking to the babies.”

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Last month, the triplets’ mom decided to share a heartwarming video of her children standing in the driveway of their Seminole County home, waiting to give their BFFs Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore, and Chad Cover some Gatorade. The adorable clip has 32 million views and has been shared more than 513,000 times.


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Sugalski said: “I had no idea that so many people around the world would see it and be so touched. I have received more than a thousand messages from people who say these videos have brightened their day and if we can do that then that makes me happy.” Meanwhile, Black – who has been off from work due to an injury – added: “I just love the triplets. I almost feel like they’re my own. Every time I see them, they just bring me joy.”

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