This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Epic Break-Up Text Will Make Your Day

Burn baby, burn!

As most of us know, relationships can be both beautiful and challenging. People deal with cheating in different ways, but have you ever wondered what an 11-year-old would do in that particular situation?

Madi Nickens, a 17-year-old girl from Texas, posted the conversation between her 11-year-old sister and a boy – presumably her crush – named Joey, on Twitter.


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In the first text, the girl confronted Joey – the soon-to-be-ex boyfriend – about his ‘crime’. She gave him two chances, but he still went to the park with Natalie. How dare you, Joey?!


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Joey was confident she loved him a little bit, considering she bought him a Starbucks drink. But he was wrong, so wrong.


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Ding ding ding! The elevator’s here. Bye, Joey!

Thank you for giving us life, the 11-year-old girl from Texas.

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