This 79-Year-Old Grandma Left A Care Home To Get Her First Tattoo

That’s one rebellious grandma!

When Tony Sellers came to visit his mother Sadie at her care home in Londonderry, she was nowhere to be found. The 79-year-old left the Daleview House and her wheelchair behind and went to get her first tattoo without telling anyone!


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The retired civil servant decided on an outline of a heart on her left arm, which she got at Tattoo Studio 76, while her 22-year-old granddaughter Samantha kept her company. When she was asked what her family would think of her very first tattoo, Sadie said she doesn’t care.

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: Sadie Sellers, 79, who escaped her care home to get a tattoo on her arm) A rebellious great-grandmother left her son stunned when he discovered she was missing from her care home having fled unannounced to get her first tattoo ñ at the age of 79. Tony Sellers said he baffled when he arrived for his daily visit to see mum Sadie, only to discover an empty wheelchair in her room. But the thrill-seeking granny-of-11 had nipped out with her zimmer frame to get inked alongside her granddaughter Samantha in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. And when Sadie was asked what her family would think of the tattoo,  the retired civil servant left Studio Seventy-Six customers stunned when she retorted ëI don't f***ing careí. SEE MERCURY COPY

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The grandmother-of-11 said that when you get to her age, you need to live life to the full every day. Sadie talked to her granddaughter about getting a tattoo for weeks, and one day she just decided to do it.


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When it comes to her experience at the tattoo studio, Ms Sellers said that she asked the artist how long it would take and he said it had finished five minutes ago. The rebellious grandma explained that she didn’t feel anything.

Sadie’s son searched the care home for his mother, and then he finally called his daughter Samantha, who told him that granny was with her. The 57-year-old truck driver stopped by the tattoo studio, and when he walked in, he saw his mother getting her first tattoo, surrounded by big guys in their 20s, who thought she was a fantastic lady.

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