This Man Quit His Office Job To Travel The World – And Earn $1 Million Along The Way!

Meet Johnny Ward.

The 31-year-old man from Northern Ireland was desperate to see the world, despite the fact he came from a poor Irish family and hated the idea of working from 9 to 5. Even though he lacked the finances, Ward has managed to explore 152 countries over the past three years – and earned a million dollars along the way!


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Before starting his own travel blog, OneStep4Ward, Ward dabbled in various jobs, and spent time at a US summer camp for special-needs children. While in the States, he bought a one-way ticket to Thailand to teach English.

After finding out that one travel blogger made almost £2,000 from their site each month, Ward was inspired to create his own, even though he lacked tech experience. He worked hard in order to achieve his goal, and started making thousands before too long.

Once the blog began generating revenue, Ward came up with the idea to branch out and create his own digital media company, Step4Ward Media, which manages more than 200 websites. Ward works virtually with four other people and earns around $1,000 per day, regardless of his constant traveling.


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The Northern Ireland native travels solo two-thirds of the time, and the other third he is joined by friends, family, readers or his girlfriend, who is a flight attendant in Thailand. Ward says that he really appreciates having the opportunity to see the world, and that sometimes he can’t believe that this is his real life.


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He plans to visit every country in the world, and has been to 152 out of a total of 193 countries so far.

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