Toddler Gets A Local Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Morris Bart is a personal injury and car accident lawyer from New Orleans, and his ads play regularly across the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. L’erin Dobra’s son, two-year-old Grayson is Bart’s biggest fan.


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The toddler is reportedly so fascinated by the lawyer, that whenever Bart’s ad appears on the television, Grayson will stop whatever he’s doing and watch his idol in action. And while most parents would opt for a child-oriented theme – such as pirate, ballerina, Mickey Mouse or superhero – Dobra decided to throw Grayson a Bart-themed birthday party.


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Grayson’s dream party featured a birthday cake emblazoned with Bart’s image, a signed photo of the lawyer, a cut-out of Bart and even a small T-shirt. Mrs. Dobra reached out to Bart’s office and said that they were incredibly kind. They even sent an autographed photo from Mr. Bart and some key chains with his slogan to the birthday boy.


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Dobra said that her son was in shock when he saw the cake and the cardboard cutout of his hero. Albeit unusual, the party was a huge success, and one thing is certain: Grayson’s mom will have to go out of her way to top it next year.


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