Women Are Sharing #ThighReading Photos To Promote Body Acceptance

The latest body positive hashtag on Twitter – #ThighReading – is celebrating women’s thighs and their diverse beauty. Under the hashtag in question, social media users are proudly posting photos of their upper legs that feature stretch marks, scars, bruises and scabs.


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The trend began on July 20, when Twitter user @princess_labia posted an unretouched photo of her thighs with the caption: “palm readings <<<< thigh readings”. She explained that she had the idea that her stretch marks told a story the same way she had been told her palms did, and she encouraged other women to share their own imperfections.


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And they listened: women and girls started posting their own images, with intimate details about how their thighs tell their stories. Some of them had scarring from self-harm, birth marks, and burns, while others had stretch marks from eating disorders, freckles and bruises.


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The creator of the body positive campaign said that she has received an amazing response from both men and women alike, in addition to people messaging her and saying that the trend has changed their perceptions of their own marked thighs.

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