Young Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy To Greece

Must love Rose.

Aslan – a 17-year-old refugee from Syria – walked more than 300 miles to escape the war-torn country with his puppy. The teenager knew that he couldn’t leave Rose behind, so he took the pup with him all the way to Greece.


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The brave young man is one of 300,000 migrants who have arrived in Greece in 2015, and he even made a passport for his beloved pet. The duo is now on the Greek island of Lesbos, and Aslan says that he loves Rose and has everything she needs, including food and water.


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A spokesman for the United Nations’ refugee agency said that many refugees are carrying their animals with them on long and dangerous journeys from Syria to Europe. Aslan and Rose are on Lesbos with 93,000 refugees, and the island is reportedly struggling to cope with a huge number of people.


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And they are not the only owner/pet duo there. Last week, a photo went viral of another Syrian refugee who arrived to the island with his beloved kitten in a sling. Even though the man came to Europe with practically no personal belongings, he couldn’t leave his cat – named Zaytouna – behind.


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